Quality reclaimed furniture from Indonesia quality resources

There is no waste since everything can be recycled. We turn waste into unique, artistic and quality furniture products.

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Product Collection

Despite our product main material comes from waste, we only salvage quality materials from being discarded as waste. Our reclaimed wood furniture always being controlled in quality.

We also develop industrial furniture collection which comes from metal and wood combination.

We make product only from waste

Let the world stay green

As a "green minded" furniture manufacturer, our main vision is to optimize the usage of quality reclaimed lumber resources available in our region as our product main material. We also care in wood waste recycling which comes from wooden fu...

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Our waste sources

Reclaimed Teak Branch

Every part of Teak tree is a quality materials. People should not leave a single part of it as waste. We found that the branches from teak trees can b ...

Reclaimed boat wood

In order to sailed the ocean, local fishing boats have to be made with high quality of wood materials. They have good size, age, thicknes and dryness ...

Reclaimed Teak

Basically, reclaimed teak is teak wood which has been already used like an old building like housing use. This reclaimed timber is used again to be ma ...

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We have mix and match our reclaimed and industrial furniture collection to several beautiful set to inspiring green furniture lovers.

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