Indonesia Teak Furniture - Reclaimed Teak Root Furniture

Teak Root Display D

Reclaimed Teak Root Furniture A beautiful and artistic thing is not always derived from new raw materials. Utilization of waste or production waste when processed and added with creativity and new ideas can be something artistic and of high economic value, the teak root furniture of the which is a part of the wood that cannot be processed again (unproductive) is converted into a work of high artistic value, namely furniture furniture in the form of tables and benches and accessories from the wood teak roots of trees transformed into fillers and adorners of a neat room, As we know, has a very good quality and is known to be strong and sturdy, teak wood has a beautiful wood texture with strokes of the fibers straight lines sometimes curved. Besides using ingredients.

Wood that is hollow or porous is left unchecked without patching and there are even some parts of black wood furniture scorched to burn which adds to the natural and artistic impression. A table of intact wood teak roots with circular streaks of dark brown in color and in other parts yellowish white will look beautiful when placed in your living room furniture. The squiggly table will be matched by several round stools (mushroom stools) made of solid logs that surround the table. For decorating, you can choose a leaf ornament as a room complement. The leaves are grooved and rolled around the edges and perforated and torn in the center as it is squeezed or perforated because the worm is eaten very well.