A long time ago furniture used to be assumed to be made from brand new material. Yes they were, to be honest, but is it possible to build a furniture from a wood which has been used previously for another purpose? The answer is yes, it is. The furniture which is made from used wood or timber is known as reclaimed wood furniture.

Reclaimed wood furniture has some advantages. First, they are unique. Since each piece of wood which used previously indeed, it means it has different look and shape than the other furniture. You may find some nail holes on its surface. Further you may find scratches in the wood surface that naturally appear due to wood or timber age. You will also find a different wood color to a brand new wood color. Reclaimed teak wood will be greyish as age increases. Then, you will also definitely find a different wood color as a result of finishing color that was previously applied onto its surface. Can you imagine how unique it will once it’s built as a new one?

Second, unique and unusual furniture will add character into the room. People who like reclaimed wood furniture are usually they who have a concern with nature. And those who love this kind of furniture are the one who already have the understanding and awareness to preserve the environment. So, bringing reclaimed wood furniture into the house is a way to show who we really are. They usually have a simple design. And reclaimed wood appearance will be exposed. So with some designs, it will have the impression of being ancient and old. However, with another design this will be retro or even vintage. It all depends on how the reclaimed furniture is designed and how the concept of a room itself is. But, whatever the design is, natural and warm impression will strongly appear.

Third, this is the coolest thing among all the advantages that reclaimed furniture has, which is about strength. That the strength of furniture made from reclaimed furniture can be ascertained to be very strong. Reclaimed furniture has gone through many processes and has been used before and they are still standing so there is no doubt about this strength.

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