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These products is handmade beautifully by our craftman from waste and natural sources to reclaimed furniture. Find a stunning ranges of unique and sustainable products from our reclaimed wood dining table, coffee table, desk and chairs collections.


Reclaimed Pine and Suar


Reclaimed Teak Wood Furniture


Reclaimed Teak Wood Furniture


Reclaimed Teak Wood Furniture


Reclaimed Teak Wood Furniture


Reclaimed Teak Wood Furniture


Reclaimed Teak Wood Furniture



Its all about Reclaimed Wood Furniture. Update your furniture information, find out more and get inspired.

Indonesia Green Furniture | B2B Manufacturer

If you are looking for Indonesian Furniture especially for Reclaimed Wood Furniture, you come in the right place. Indonesia Green Furniture is Reclaimed Wood Furniture Manufacturer part of Wisanka Indonesia that has a commitment to help providing high-quality products with reasonable price. As one of the Indonesian leading furniture manufacturer, we continuosly improve our strategy to create the customer satisfaction. The collaboration between Indonesian selected craftmeanship with legal and eco-friendly source materials, to balance our business activities and social responsibilities. Indonesian Green Furniture also produce Reclaimed Teak Wood Furniture, Teak Branch Furniture and Teak Root Furniture as our main product.

Reclaimed Teak Boat Furniture

Reclaimed teak wood boat Furniture that has been reclaimed using reclaimed from some used material from fishermen in Jepara and its surroundings which is used as the main material for making a product from reclaimed to be used as new goods that can be utilized again, reclaimed teak boat furniture taken from equipment Used that are located in an area dominated by fishermen who have several teak wood boat furniture, which are made to produce finished goods made from your needs back. So, in other words, you have helped preserve nature and take part in environmentally friendly life and you can be one of the parts that has the need to save the world and help drive the world program namely Go green and you use recycle Indonesia boat wood furniture again instead of using new on the boat There is less available in the environment around us with a lot of used good quality waste that is not used by a fisherman on the coast so that many reclaimed boat wood is just crumbling but still have good quality so we need to be back into new goods and can be used for new art which has some uniqueness in terms of style items.

The advantage of using reclaimed wood from a boat is that it comes from a variety of sources so that it will not look the same between one and the other, you can better use or maintain the original color of the teak wood used if you want to maintain the uniqueness of using that item. Featuring a house that can be seen richer and more unique and different from a house that uses new and you will enjoy the beach and natural atmosphere of a different by using teak wood from recycled boat furniture used, such as bringing the atmosphere of the beach to your home. Reclaimed Boat Wood Furniture has a quite unique accent and have a story that will bring you a fresh atmosphere to your house.

In protecting the environment, we use boats furniture that is no longer used. We call it Reclaimed Boat Wood Furniture. Along the coast to go out to sea the fishermen. Ships that have long been used will usually be damaged. And usually, fishermen will immediately replace with a new boat for their safety in finding fish in the high seas.

This former boat is the next reclaimed boat furniture to be converted into teak boat chairs, reclaimed boat wood dining tables, etc. The boats used by fishermen are made of selected teak wood. If it is damaged, it will leave the wood intact and good. We discard damaged wood and recycled boat wood furniture that is still good. Boat furniture or furniture boat is quite unique to use at home.


Presenting the best quality and best services for our customers are our main target. We do with neatly, in time, and with a wholehearted to process our product. Thus, it becomes the right choice to have a business partnership with us considering below points:


Beside of processed by artisan craftsmanship, we have equipped with machinery during the production. This machinery process will maintain speed, accuracy, and precision during producing your order.


Why choose wisanka | We have been in the furniture industry for more than two decades. We create furniture, lighting and crafts from various materials such as mahogany, mindi, teak, natural rattan, natural fibers, synthetic and metals in a variety of designs. We have expertise in this business supported by our professional team. Our loyal customers reach out to several countries, such as Japan, Chile, Africa, Egypt, Bulgaria, Australia, New Zeeland, Korea, Spain, Mexico, Dubai, Libya, Lebanon, South Africa, and many more.


Why choose wisanka | We fully realize that no matter beautiful the goods if it has defects or easily damage that will reduce the value. Therefore, we have solid quality control team in every line in our production to make sure the consistency quality according to our standard. We are supported with reliable craftsman and well manage production system which is taking a responsibility to check from raw material to ready product with details.


The abundant natural resources in Indonesia are one of the advantages for our experts to utilize the best and environmentally friendly natural ingredients with additional artistic touches from our designers’ original ideas that are specially designed through the research and creativity of our R & D team. Making these materials become extraordinary works while always maintaining quality and quality. With a collection of product designs of more than 600 series we are constantly creating new products that will not be the same design as other brands. Making PT WISANKA always ready to serve requests in the domestic and foreign markets.


Water hyacinth, sea grass, banana leaf, teak branch, cocostick, abaca leaf, stone, wood and rattan is the main material of our furniture, lighting and craft products. Those materials actually wasted, with our creativity and brilliant idea we brings into worldwide product. Our production help our environment to make wasted into more value product. Moreover, we use eco-friendly finishing material using water base as a solvent. Weaving material and finishing paint both are safe for our workers and environmental.


Consultation on a different design is part of our service, because we understand what you want from our consumers on a unique and exclusive design.


Why choose Wisanka | We assure that our price is competitive with other competitors in market regards to the quality. We provide wholesale price with high quality.


Why choose wisanka | We always give our best services with our best agent. We provide with manner and assist our customer from very first deal to the end. in addition, we open with further discussion for any complaint about our product.

Buying furniture from a direct Indonesian furniture manufacturer will give an advantage on price, availability, and quality. Indonesia furniture industry is still a great opportunity and investment. Find and match your furniture needs with a prospective furniture manufacturer. With Indonesia Green Furniture (Wisanka Indonesia), you will be provided with high quality furniture and service experiences. Once you decided what kind of furniture you interest with, you can mail us at to request a quotation, or visit our factory in Jepara to proving our quality.