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The main Reclaimeds and Industrial Furniture ingredients of our products come from waste, we only save quality materials so that they are not disposed of as waste. Our reclaimeds wood furniture is always in good quality control for Reclaimeds Furniture and Industrial Furniture. We also develop a collection of industrial furniture that comes from a combination of metal and wood furniture so that we use several ideas to combine the two for you from Jepara, Indonesia. Industrial furniture is a combination of wood mixed with metal, iron or other related to the industry furniture so as to form a furniture that produces a good appearance in terms of material and strength.

Industrial furnishings themselves emerged because they were furniture designers inspired by the Industrial Revolution of that era who had previously repaired steam engines and other objects made of iron so that now they were combined with wood and would form a good piece of furniture. Furniture that adheres to industrial furniture will usually attract the impression of its iron material and a small mixture of wood furniture will produce a furniture of exceptional quality to be used.

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