Some Coffee Table Designs are Made of Reclaimed Wood for You

Some Coffee Table Designs are Made of Reclaimed Wood for You

Furniture property in today’s era is one of the primary needs in housing. Even though so many people are obsessed with furniture, many people are still not aware of its impact on the earth.

Some coffee table designs are made of reclaimed wood for you

And from this moment on we must equalize the perception inside and outside that the furniture and other wood used are environmentally friendly. This means that we should not throw away plastic and replace it with natural wood. If you know that not all wooden furniture is made of environmentally friendly wood.


You need to know, that the earth needs more trees to produce cool air. It is because trees do not only absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen. Trees are the habitat of various animals and plants that can be called their home.


So trees are not only a source of human livelihood, but we must find ways to make them sustainable after cutting down trees to make furniture. We can alternatively choose with reclaimed wood to change it.


“Reclaimed wood is wood that comes from old furniture, residential houses, factory residues, and defective wood. And reclaimed wood is the right choice if you want to use wood with a sense of care”.


An example is the furniture design below that uses reclaimed wood that can add your reference to complement your home.


  1. Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table


Materially, we can use reclaimed wood to make a very elegant coffee table with a minimalist design and still trendy to the eye when we put it in our room or living room. By choosing a combination of table legs by choosing metal materials to give a minimalist touch, but still attract attention and when chatting with family and guests can enjoy coffee, tea, or snacks.


  1. Round reclaimed wood coffee table


A round wooden table can be your choice to give a minimalist touch with a rounded surface that can be used to place flower vases, snacks, fruit, even coffee, and tea. Because this round reclaimed wood coffee table can symbolize firmness in your home ornaments. Because reclaimed wood is a solid and durable material, and it is stable, and its contours are very beautiful. In addition, this table will add to the impression of antique and exotic, and of course environmentally friendly.


  1. Reclaimed wood square coffee table


You can combine this design form with a modern sofa so that it gives a very epic touch and an antique feel. In addition to being square, this table can make it easier for us to put more items in the form of a square coffee table made of reclaimed wood. It can even serve to put magazines, for example, or flower vases. And this model fits perfectly with a modern home design that doesn’t leave any of the old-fashioned properties and of course an eco-friendly coffee table.


  1. Rustic reclaimed wood coffee table


This coffee table can be said to be one of the tables that makes us feel like we are in the countryside when we see a rustic reclaimed wood coffee table if we have a house in the big city. Why can you say that? because rustic has a touch of old classics and brings out our imagination in the countryside, with a rustic and aesthetic touch with the domination of faded colors and not completely. wooden coffee table

This rural reclamation is the right choice for you when you miss it.


  1. Rectangular reclaimed wood coffee table


If you look at the rectangular shape of a reclaimed wood coffee table, it is very interesting and can be mixed and matched with today’s home designs. When viewed, this rectangular wooden coffee table is very elegant and adds a contemporary taste. And can be a choice of furniture to complement your home property.


The inspiration for reclaimed wood is suitable for your choice in choosing raw materials, besides that reclaimed wood is very environmentally friendly for your home furniture. Make sure first the design and size when you want to buy or make it yourself so that it can fit into your home. Hopefully, this article can be useful for you and can be an insight into your solution.

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