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Reclaimed Teak Branch Furniture A beautiful and artistic thing does not always come from new raw materials. Recycled teak wood waste or production waste is processed and added with creativity and new ideas can become something artistic and of high economic value, which are part of wood teak branch that cannot be processed again (not productive) are turned into works that can be reused with several other forms of fund seating can be made, namely furniture consisting of beds and benches, as we know, has good quality and is strong and sturdy, has a beautiful wood Furniture texture with streaks of fibers that sometimes curved. In addition to using wood material for use, branch furniture can be reprocessed into something that can be used productively again For decoration, you can choose decorations and benches to complement the room.

Reclaimed Teak Branch that is curved and curled at the edges and hollow and torn in the middle like molt or perforated. tendrils of the branch that connect together to produce a neat irregular shape. The tendrils of that dangle can also be attractive home decoration products. Twigs of white bones and snake will look beautiful to decorate the living room or family room. Reclaimed Teak Branch In addition to producing from solid wood, the remaining teak wood production is processed again into a bench or table by combining, for example, a table from a combination of the remaining to support a beautiful whole root table. On the table, the results of the combined can be placed glass or wood sheets as the base of the table and also use wood furniture from the demolition, for example, teak wood furniture manufacturer from railroad pads that are converted into tables or benches.

To make unique furniture products using environmentally friendly materials. Like the use of reclaimed teak wood / reclaimed teak lumber. Here we can see furniture products below, there are various kinds of products, such as chairs, tables, shelves, etc. The material we use comes from teak branch. The teak branch materials you collect first then teak at the branch are reclaimed teak. Then formed according to our wishes. Here we Indonesia Green Furniture make designs like the one below. If you have your own design you can talk about it with our marketing on the Contact Us Page. Reclaimed teak wood furniture is increasingly sought after because our environmental conditions are not good. Like it or not we have to recycle wood into furniture with a sale value. Reclaimed teak furniture is very affordable, so we recommend that you buy in large quantities. If you want to know the full price of teak reclaimed furniture, please Contact Us. Thanks.

Reclaimed Teak Branch Product

Below is an example of a Reclaimed Teak Branch Product that we have produced and has reached our customers. We continue to be committed to being furniture friends for your room. Contact Us to get pricing details from the following products.