Indonesia Furniture Manufacturers

Hello, we are a teak furniture manufacturer in Indonesia established in 1993 under the company Wisanka Indonesia. Our superior products from furniture manufacturers in Jepara Indonesia are reclaimed teak wood furniture, recycled teak wood furniture, reclaimed teak branch furniture, reclaimed boat wood furniture, reclaimed teak root furniture, reclaimed pine furniture.

We are wholesale reclaimed furniture, reclaimed furniture suppliers, reclaimed furniture stores and Industrial Furniture Manufacturers of green furniture from Indonesia. If you have questions about furniture products that we produce or want to order furniture products that Indonesia furniture manufacturers produce, you can contact us.

Indonesia Office Furniture Manufacturers

If you are currently looking for Indonesia office furniture manufacturers. You can visit one of our offices below. Or if you want to make an appointment with us in advance, we are very happy. You can meet with our green furniture marketing sales with Mr. Salim. You can check our product categories at Industrial Reclaimed Teak Wood Furniture Company.

Wisanka Jepara
Jl. Sultan Hadlirin Km. 4,5 Langon, Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia
Mobile / Whatsapp: +62 811-2643-943 (Mr. Salim)

Head Office:
Jl. Solo Daleman No.41 Tray 57556 Sukoharjo, Solo, Indonesia

WISANKA’s Factories:
1. Jl. Solo – Daleman No. 41 Tray 57556 Sukoharjo, Solo, Central Java, Indonesia
2. Jl. Solo – Yogyakarta Km. 24 Kepoh, Ceper, Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia
3. Jl. Solo – Yogyakarta Km. 26.5 Penggung, Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia
4. Gesingan, Luwang, Gatak 57557, Sukoharjo, Solo, Central Java, Indonesia
5. Jl. Sultan Hadlirin KM. 4,5 Langon, Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia
6. Jl. Garuda No. 38 Gang II No. 38 Tuparev, Cirebon 45153, West Java

Our Indonesia furniture manufacturers have 6 factories and 2 showrooms. Our showrooms are in Jakarta and Bali. We also supply showrooms abroad. Entrepreneurs from various countries from 5 continents are cooperating with us to supply them. If you want to work with a world-class company, Bali Indonesia furniture manufacturers or Wisanka Indonesia. You can contact us. We are accustomed to exporting furniture products since 1993. So our reputation in the furniture world is no doubt. We have experienced the ins and outs of recycled teak wood that we use as the main ingredient to make a variety of superior furniture products made by our Indonesian furniture manufacturer.
So what are you waiting for immediately send product orders to Contact Us immediately. We guarantee the furniture products we produce are of high quality and durable.

Furniture Manufacturers in Indonesia Product

Furniture Manufacturers in Indonesia Product. Below are examples of some of the products from Furniture Manufacturers in Indonesia (Indonesia Green Furniture) recommendations for you