Industrial Reclaimed Teak Wood Furniture Company

Industrial Reclaimed Teak Wood Furniture Company

Reclaimed Teak Wood Furniture

Hello, welcome to Industrial Reclaimed Teak Wood Furniture Company. Introduce us is a company engaged in furniture. We produce various kinds of reclaimed teak wood indoor or outdoor furniture. Our company name is WIRASINDO SANTAKARYA (WISANKA). We are engaged in the Indonesian furniture industry since 1993. The Wisanka company is experienced in making furniture from the use of used wood and exported to countries around the world. So that the furniture products we produce are not just good in appearance, but the furniture products we produce are also of high quality.
To learn more about the results of our reclaimed teak wood furniture production, especially Wisanka Jepara Indonesia plan, you can click on an example of our furniture production gallery below:
Our current industry is themed Go Green. We use wood that has been used before, then we use it again to become furniture that adds use-value. This is to preserve the environment, protect our earth from the greenhouse effect. So that we can play an active role in protecting our earth from extinction.
The reuse of used wood does not reduce the value of the furniture we use. Both the value of the shape or strength of the wood itself. Plus the materials used are teak furniture, used mahogany furniture, used pine furniture. The wood has been tested for quality. The wood structure is smaller / finer than other types of wood in general so that if it is exposed to water it is difficult to enter. The effect is the strength of teak, pine or mahogany is getting stronger and longer-lasting. If you do not know the benefits of using furniture from teak, please read first the benefits of using teak furniture.
Are you interested in Industrial Reclaimed Teak Wood Furniture? You can buy recycled furniture wholesale through our sales marketing at Contact Us. We have six factories that are always ready to take orders from you. The following are the addresses of Wisanka companies who are ready to produce orders from you:
Wisanka Jepara
Jl. Sultan Hadlirin Km. 4,5 Langon, Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia
Mobile / Whatsapp: +62 811-2643-943 (Mr. Salim)
Head Office:
Jl. Solo Daleman No.41 Tray 57556 Sukoharjo, Solo, Indonesia
WISANKA’s Factories:
  1. Jl. Solo – Daleman No. 41 Tray 57556 Sukoharjo, Solo, Central Java, Indonesia
  2. Jl. Solo – Yogyakarta Km. 24 Kepoh, Ceper, Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia
  3. Jl. Solo – Yogyakarta Km. 26.5 Penggung, Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia
  4. Gesingan, Luwang, Gatak 57557, Sukoharjo, Solo, Central Java, Indonesia
  5. Jl. Sultan Hadlirin KM. 4,5 Langon, Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia
  6. Jl. Garuda No. 38 Gang II No. 38 Tuparev, Cirebon 45153, West Java

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