Basically, reclaimed teak wood is teak that has been used like an old building such as housing. This reclaimed wood is reused to become furniture material as a function to save material that is not used. In addition, reclaimed teak wood has a unique and beautiful texture due to the age of old wood.
To protect the environmental damage caused by cutting down trees in the forest, we, the Wisanka Indonesia company, are trying to reuse used wood from buildings, boat wood, and wood from logging in the forest. The used teak wood can be reused into goods with high selling value. Because the use of used teak wood can add strength, so that the age of furniture from raw materials used teak wood can last for decades.
Used reclaimed teak wood furniture. The purpose of building this website is to market our products Indonesia Green Furniture. Namely the products produced in the form of used teak wood, used mahogany wood, used pine wood. Certainly produces high quality. So that the results of our furniture production can be sold in the market.
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