Indonesia Furniture Exporter

Indonesia Furniture Exporter

Hello, we are Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer Exporter. We provide a variety of products related to reclaimed teak wood, recycled teak wood, and reclaimed teak root furniture. Below we include a few photos for your description. If you have a good design for your business, you can send your design to us to be produced at the Indonesia Green Furniture factory.

We are an Indonesian furniture exporter since 1993 exporting our products to several countries on 5 continents in the world. From the countries, we send the products from Indonesia Green Furniture often buyback. Their reason why they make a purchase back to the Indonesian Company Green Furniture is that the products we produce are the best quality, with the best material, namely recycled teak wood. The design is ordered according to the order. The size is just right according to the market needs in the ordering country. Therefore, customers who buy always make repeat orders to Indonesia Green Furniture Company.

Indonesia Furniture Suppliers

Indonesia furniture suppliers also supply furniture stores in several countries for resale. We accept designs from our customers according to the shape desired by prospective buyers. There are several examples of project designs from our customers that we have successfully created and sent to our customer addresses. For more information, you can see on the project product catalog page from the customer and the company Indonesia Green Furniture.

Please if you have questions about our products or want to order our products with your own modifications, you can contact us. Our Indonesia Furniture Exporter is always ready to accept product orders from you. We try our best for our customers so that our customers get the best service. Thank you we are waiting for your message on the contact us page.

Indonesia Furniture Exporter Product

Below are examples of some recommended products for you from Indonesia Green Furniture.

Indonesia Furniture Exporter