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Beautiful Industrial Furniture by Painting

Tivoli chair Indonesia Industrial Furniture

Indonesia Furniture – Indonesia Green Furniture – Industrial Furniture Painting industrial furniture chairs for Porch Houses look more attractive Add furniture there, then you can enjoy the beauty of the terrace and garden while relaxing. Many modern houses have terraces either in front of the house or behind the house. This terrace is usually functioned […]

Modern design using Recycled Furniture

Boat Wood Set 2016

Indonesia Green Furniture | Reclaimed and Recycle Furniture | Recycle Furniture  Modern and minimalist home designs are often combined with furniture with similar designs to create a harmonious home interior and has a red thread of design Reclaimed Furniture. If you observe in the restaurants and hotels that have sprung up lately, the furniture that […]

Recycle Furniture that still has good quality

Reclaimed Teak Wall Panel

INDONESIA GREEN FURNITURE | RECLAIMED AND RECYCLE FURNITURE MANUFACTURER Making recycle furniture Something Happiness separately when we can give ‘the opportunity of life’ for the second, third, and so on, to goods or objects that have been removed by others and even have no elements that can be used for useful items. That’s what we […]