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Green Furniture Concept Nova

Jepara Wooden Furniture – Why They are so Popular

Nabari Reclaimed Bar Set

Jepara Wooden Furniture – Why they are so popular Indonesia is globally referred to as the producer of top quality wooden furniture. The high quality at affordable cost is the primary hallmark of furnishing products produced from this country. I will be discussing this great business from Indonesia here in this article, as this is […]

How to paint natural wood furniture

Papua Cabinet 3 Drawer 2 Door Reclaimed Teak

Indonesia Green Furniture – Reclaimed & Recycle Furniture – Natural Wood Furniture  The most practical way to burn wood using only varnish or plitur natural wood furniture. This type of wood finishing material has many variants. some use water or thinner solvents. Now in addition to using varnish, how to burn can also be done […]

unique furniture from used items of modern design

Verne Long Bench Indonesia Industrial Furniture

Reclaimed Furniture – Recycle Furniture – Unique Furniture Modern and minimalist home designs are often combined with unique furniture that is designed similar to a harmonious home interior and has a red string design. If you look at restaurants and hotels that have sprung up using this, the furniture that is used has the impression […]

Recycled of Solid Wood Waste

reclaimedteakbranch 2

Indonesia Green Furniture – Recycled Furniture – Reclaimed Furniture recycled furniture In the current development of residual processed products is a problem for each producer to carry out their business in certain fields such as in the field of wood that has waste from the residual use which can no longer be used to be […]

The advantage of using recycled teak wood

Recycle divider Ida Wooden Divider Multicolor

Indonesia Green Furniture – Reclaimed Furniture – Recycle Furniture Using recycled teak wood has both aesthetic and environmental benefits, being a good choice for making interiors in your room, furniture furniture, and home interiors. A number of workshops and even furniture companies make use of recycle or reprocess teak and offer a variety of products […]

Beautiful Industrial Furniture by Painting

Tivoli chair Indonesia Industrial Furniture

Indonesia Furniture – Indonesia Green Furniture – Industrial Furniture Painting industrial furniture chairs for Porch Houses look more attractive Add furniture there, then you can enjoy the beauty of the terrace and garden while relaxing. Many modern houses have terraces either in front of the house or behind the house. This terrace is usually functioned […]

Modern design using Recycled Furniture

Boat Wood Set 2016

Indonesia Green Furniture | Reclaimed and Recycle Furniture | Recycle Furniture  Modern and minimalist home designs are often combined with furniture with similar designs to create a harmonious home interior and has a red thread of design Reclaimed Furniture. If you observe in the restaurants and hotels that have sprung up lately, the furniture that […]

Recycle Furniture that still has good quality

Reclaimed Teak Wall Panel

INDONESIA GREEN FURNITURE | RECLAIMED AND RECYCLE FURNITURE MANUFACTURER Making recycle furniture Something Happiness separately when we can give ‘the opportunity of life’ for the second, third, and so on, to goods or objects that have been removed by others and even have no elements that can be used for useful items. That’s what we […]

Let’s start going Go green with reclaimed furniture

Sulur Wooden Dining Set

Indonesia Green Furniture | Green Furniture | Reclaimed Furniture Teak wood furniture is already guaranteed as a material for making reclaimed furniture that has its own advantages. It is undeniable, all products made of teak wood are definitely referred to as high-quality furniture products. Teak wood is a type of wood that has fine fibers […]

Green Furniture Concept in the Living Room

reclaimed teak branch

Indonesia Green Furniture | Reclaimed and Recycle Furniture Along with the increasing public awareness of the environment around them, seeing a item around us raises an idea and inspiration to contribute in saving and protecting the earth from environmental damage and everything that smells of recycling is now increasingly interested in the community to produce […]