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Dining Industrial furniture design style for indoor furniture or outdoor furniture is an applied art where the aesthetics in terms of appearance that contains several modern elements that follow the trends of the times and usability (ease of use of an item) in addition to ease of use can also be strong in terms of metal materials that have the type and a very strong and durable character and an item can be perfected with this combination with some good impressions. Indoor industrial furniture design can be used as a reference in making designs that will be designed and produce creations about the shape, configuration, or composition of lines or colors, or lines and colors, or combinations thereof, which are in 3 or 2 dimensions, which give an aesthetic impression, can used to produce products, goods, industrial commodities or handicrafts.

Very many themes that follow the trend for furniture from abroad and with industrial style furniture usually use monochromatic colors that are original colors that you can get from the gradations of the basic colors you choose, light and dark combination of these colors is the main weapon when designing a place with some furniture that is needed as the base color for indoor furniture or outdoor furniture design. To get a monochromatic color as for some that must be applied before making a choice basis, you can choose bright from the light in your place or the brightness of the basic color that you have chosen and seem masculine. The materials used are also commonly used materials Reclaimed wood furniture which is recycled wood or industrial materials such as glass, iron and aluminum which are processed in such a way that they can be used as an attractive indoor furniture or outdoor furniture element.

The background of the word Industrial Furniture itself refers to the industrial age of the 19th century, where indoor furniture or outdoor interiors and the furniture industry where factory workers / laborers work is a source of inspiration for industrial furniture design styles now. Industrial style itself is a source of inspiration for current trends, perhaps because it is driven by the widespread issue of global warming that encourages the use of reclaimed materials to produce a manifestation of Gogreen’s socialization. The issue of global warming is campaigning for three things that affect interior design, namely reduce, reuse and recycle. In addition to the widespread issue of global warming by reducing materials that are less productive, the desire to have a good but cheap interior is also very encouraging the expansion of this industrial style furniture. Combine these three keywords with the desire to have a good interior with a limited budget and to make goods durable for a long period of time as well and industrial style is born an exposed design style (reduce, cheap because it reduces materials), furniture from used goods such as drums , sewing machines, etc. (reuse and recycle).

Industrial furniture design style does have its own fans with some people who already want it. For fans who want a residential atmosphere to appear rough with a very long and masculine usability, this design style choice represents you personally with the criteria that you have previously desired. concrete floors, existing materials are finished by highlighting their natural shape and texture. The final appearance is a mysterious atmosphere and a little loud but still comfortable. The interior design concept of this industrial furniture has its own characteristics, namely some materials that tend to be rough such as metal and steel floor beams deliberately exposed to show their character and display more nuances related to the world of furniture industry. This style is usually functionally designed with a strong technical background and industrial style interior design is also focused on material selection.

Metal and Wood

Metal and wood are common materials used in this style. For example, wooden tables with metal legs, metal frames exposed on windows, ceilings, or stairs. While wood elements can be present through furniture, ceilings, or floors.


Industrial style furniture generally uses warm and neutral colors. These colors themselves can be present through the choice of materials and furniture used. Because the material used in this style is metal and wood, it’s no wonder the colors that dominate are brown, gray, white, or gradations of these colors.

How to design a Dining Industrial Furniture 

In addition to being used as a family dining industrial furniture, the dining furniture is also a family gathering place. Appropriate dining furniture design is one that can accommodate the needs of residents of the house who use the dining room. The design of the dining room must meet the needs of the user’s room and the furniture used in the dining room. To design a dining industrial furniture, start by looking at the needs of the dining industrial furniture user, such as how many family members eat, does it often invite people to eat so they need an extra chair, and so on. This determines the next stages in design such as choosing furniture and room styles.

What are the ideal Dining Industrial Furniture criteria 

The dining room must be clean and easy to clean because it is used by family members to eat. The dining industrial furniture must also be comfortable enough to eat, with good lighting and air circulation. Nowadays, dining industrial furniture are often placed close to the kitchen to make it easier to serve food from the kitchen to the dining room.

How to arrange a good Dining Industrial Furniture 

Arranging the dining room can be started by determining the main furniture that will be used and what kind of impression you want from the dining industrial furniture. Dining table and dining chairs become the main furniture. The size of the dining table and dining chairs must be proportional to the dining industrial furniture, and facilitate the movement of users. In addition, the dining table is the center of activity in the dining room, it must also create the desired impression of the dining industrial furniture.

How to organize a narrow Dining Industrial Furniture 

If the dining room is limited or narrow, some tricks can be done to outsmart the narrow dining room. One of them is using a folding table, or using a Japanese-style table that does not need a chair, only a cushion. After use the dining table can be stored again and the dining industrial furniture can feel roomy.

How to choose Dining Industrial Furniture 

Dining room furniture can be adjusted to the size of the dining furniture, the number of dining furniture users and the impression you want to display from the dining Industrial Furniture. Minimalist dining rooms usually only use simple and medium-sized furniture.

How to design a Dining Industrial Furniture and kitchen together

To facilitate movement and outsmart the narrow dining room, the kitchen and dining room are made in one room without insulation. To design a dining industrial furniture and kitchen as one, usually using uniform furniture so that the dining room and kitchen have a common theme.

How to design an open Dining Industrial Furniture and kitchen

An open dining room and kitchen can be an alternative for more light and air to enter the room. Open dining and kitchen designs should pay attention to cleanliness because air and dust may be able to enter the dining room and kitchen. The design of the dining room and the open kitchen usually faces the open space like a garden, thus increasing the view from the dining industrial furniture. Some open dining and kitchen design inspiration is available here.

How to design a Dining Industrial Furniture as well as a family room

Many examples of dining industrial furniture designs become one with the family room. In addition to saving space, the dining industrial furniture as well as a family room is also a family gathering place. The design of the dining industrial furniture as well as the family room usually does not use a large dining table and high chairs, but rather a more relaxed size table such as a Japanese-style dining table that is low and does not require chairs, only a mat to sit on.



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