Jepara Wooden Furniture – Why They are so Popular

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Jepara Wooden Furniture – Why they are so popular

Indonesia is globally referred to as the producer of top quality wooden furniture. The high quality at affordable cost is the primary hallmark of furnishing products produced from this country. I will be discussing this great business from Indonesia here in this article, as this is the center of the furniture industry in this country providing all types of solutions regarding furniture.


The entire furniture industry is spread across Indonesia. Bali, Jepara, Surakarta, and several other clusters make this sovereign business. Nevertheless, the most important cluster or market is Jepara. The question is why this cluster is incredibly powerful for this business.


Raw Materials of Jepara Wooden Furniture

The raw material required for this industry is timber. As this cluster is found in Java, the supply of wood is not considered a problem. The timber is mainly supplied by PT. Perhutani (state-owned government’s farming) and people’s farming. The key timbers provided by these entities are mahogany as well as teak wood. Many studies have proved that wood, especially teak, is the ideal wood in Indonesia. Nevertheless, this ideal wood comes from PT Perhutani, which cut the trees only when they become old.


Jepara Wooden Furniture is a beautifully styled furniture created by popular Indonesia Furnishing manufacture businesses, which are manufacturing teak wood furnishing for quite some time. High-quality handcrafted furniture is manufactured for outdoor as well as indoor teak garden furniture. Additionally, they can also be personalized as per individual needs. It is recognized as the right furniture for indoor and outdoor usages.


Top Quality

Jepara Wooden Furniture producers and suppliers offer top quality teak wood furniture solutions, which are made-to-order; currently offering to domestic clients and also exporting to many different continents. Teak furniture manufacturers provide furniture at wholesale prices from Jepara in Indonesia that has become preferred solid wood material resource. Jepara Wooden Furnishings manufacturers are well-known for creating top-quality teak wood.


To provide a bit of elegance to indoor and outdoor décor, Jepara teak furniture is an ideal option. Teak is a tough, powerful and yellowish-brown durable timber made from teak plants. Well known because of its termite resistance properties and rotting, teak is mainly utilized for creating furniture and also used in shipbuilding.


A wide variety of top-class teak furnishing, including teak garden furniture, teak patio furnishing, as well as teak lawn furnishings are available to decor your house, restaurants, garden, as well as hotels.



Jepara Wooden Furniture produced from teak is weather-resistant and sturdy. Though it requires plenty of upkeep and care, these are ready for use by clients. Lately, teak garden furnishings have become popular. Teak backyard benches, Adirondack chairs, and colorful traditional backyard borders increase the charm of your garden. Any furniture made from Jepara teak is typically elegant for outdoor spaces.



Craftsmanship is certainly the factor that makes Jepara a very strong cluster for creating any type of wooden furniture. Actually, this town has much less wood compared to its surroundings. Blora, Ngawi, Bojonegoro, Pati, are cities whose timber is identified because of its high quality. However, these towns are not well known as furniture producers. The wood created from these cities is supplied to Jepara, which is then crafted into furniture goods. This means that the craftsmanship of this town is extremely useful for the whole industry.

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