Why Choose Reclaimed Boat Furniture

Why Choose Reclaimed Boat Furniture

Why Choose Reclaimed Boat Furniture

Like its name suggests, reclaimed boat furniture is made from old boats, mostly hardwood fishing vessels from the Far East which are renowned for their vibrant colours and exotic look. But the boats that roared the seas decades ago are also exceptional pieces of craftsmanship that is hard to find nowadays. Back then, boat makers and their customers did not only view these vessels as a source of survival but they took great pride in their boats. Reclamation thus does not only give those old boats a new life in the form of furniture but it also brings an unrivalled craftsmanship into people’s homes. Why Choose Reclaimed Boat Furniture

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Unparalleled Beauty

Reclaimed boat furniture has a unique look that cannot be recreated by modern technology. It is made from vessels that were handcrafted with an outstanding attention to detail and beauty. Reclaimed boat furniture retains those details and often also minor imperfections and beautiful colours that make every piece of furniture one of a kind and perfect for close family and friends.

In comparison to recycled furniture that is made from old wooden houses, bridges and rail roads, reclaimed boat furniture reveals much more than just age. Reclaimed boat furniture often also includes the vessel’s original colours which give it a unique look and accent its age.

Unique Character

It is not just unique look that makes reclaimed boat furniture really special. The fact that it used to be a boat which was often used as a source of survival by many generations give it a unique character that can be compared to that of vintage and antique furniture. The only difference between the latter and reclaimed boat furniture is that it had a different purpose in its ‘previous life’.


Although reclaimed boat furniture is made from old boats, many of which were made in the mid-20th century or earlier, it is just as durable and strong as furniture that is made from freshly cut wood. This is due to the fact that recycled wood already went through the so-called weathering. At the same time, these boats were made only from the strongest and most durable woods such as teak which is naturally resistant to water, intense UV light, termites and other harsh outdoor elements.


Reclaimed boat furniture is made from vessels that are not suitable for use any longer. However, large and thick planks of wood are still useful and once they are cleaned and restored, they can be used to make beautiful and fully functional pieces of furniture. As a result, not a single tree is cut down for furniture making. Timber that is sourced from sustainably managed plantations is eco-friendly too but why leave those beautiful planks of wood to go to waste when they are perfectly useful and are not inferior to freshly cut wood in any aspect.

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