Reclaimed Boat Vs ‘New’ Furniture – A Comparison

Reclaimed Boat Vs ‘New’ Furniture – A Comparison

Reclaimed Boat Vs ‘New’ Furniture – A Comparison

Although reclaimed boat furniture reveal is highly sought after, there is still a large number of people who have second thoughts about buying it when they find out that it is made from old fishing boats.

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Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Some think that it is not as durable, while the others consider it overpriced given that it is made from ‘used’ wood. We have therefore decided to take a closer look at the top three factors that appear to bother home owners about reclaimed furniture the most.

1. Durability

Considering that reclaimed boat furniture is made from planks of wood that are at least half of a century old, it is completely understandable to have second thoughts about it durability. Wooden furniture, after all, does not last forever. But in contrary to common misconception, reclaimed boat furniture is not any less durable than that made from freshly cut wood.

Firstly, the boats from which the wood is reclaimed are made only from the most durable and resistant hardwoods such as teak for instance. It is naturally resistant to elements such as water, intense UV light and wood-eating insects, and is one of the strongest and most durable woods available. Teak easily lasts a lifetime no matter if it is freshly cut or reclaimed.

The second reason why reclaimed boat furniture is just as durable as the ‘new’ one is due to the fact that it already went through the so-called weathering. It has been ‘seasoned’ for decades by wind, rain, heat and wear and as a result, it is less likely to dry, split or crack.

2. Functionality

Most things that are old tend to be fragile and this is especially true for those that are made from natural materials. Many people therefore wrongfully assume that reclaimed boat furniture is not really practical and that it is suitable only for decorative uses. This, however, is not true.

Reclaimed boat wood can be used to make fully functional pieces of furniture including chairs, tables, drawers and other pieces of furniture that are used on a daily basis. This is due to the fact that the old fishing vessels were made only from the finest, strongest and most durable types of wood as well as due to the fact that reclaimed wood is only seasoned.

3. Price

Considering that we live in very uncertain times, the price of the furniture is of course highly important for most buyers. Many of them are surprised upon discovering that choosing reclaimed boat furniture will not save them any money and that they may even pay more than they would for ‘new’ furniture.

But they often do not know that reclaimed boat furniture production is time consuming and expensive. Firstly, the boat has to be manually dismantled in order to prevent damaging the planks. And before it can be used for furniture making, it has to be cleaned and restored which takes a lot of time and money as well.

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