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Along with the increasing public awareness of the environment around them, seeing a item around us raises an idea and inspiration to contribute in saving and protecting the earth from environmental damage and everything that smells of recycling is now increasingly interested in the community to produce or make a product from materials that are not used or do not have a productive element into an item called green furniture. Of some goods whose value is reduced and their inefficient use can produce a breakthrough such as cleaning as for more use or can be used again in addition to being environmentally friendly, recycled products also come at a more competitive price because they come from materials that are not used then in terms of price will also save and contribute to those of us who want to keep saving our money to buy green furniture. with which we can choose green furniture products.

as time goes by and the usefulness of furniture will experience some changes because it is influenced by several supporting factors to make witch change very significant in such green furniture. such as table furniture, chairs, benches and others, furniture will experience changes in paint color, texture and material so that we often see some furniture that has a different shape from when we bought it, because it was influenced by several factors to make our furniture can change, but you can still juggle these antiquities into new items that complement the interior design of your home in a way that you can use wood green furniture. that is not used as a new item, it will make green furniture that is very environmentally friendly because it gives impact to the environment around you in the use of used wood material.

In the application of some furniture, recycling applications are quite often done to create eco-friendly which is currently becoming a global concern, so we will present green furniture to be a part of protecting the world. industrial-style wood that is made into many things that we can take advantage of into several uses for realizing green furniture that is environmentally friendly. Simple, unpretentious, and versatile are some of the advantages of this inexpensive pallet material because, with wood that is commonly used as a particular function, wood from pallets can be used as the main material to form green furniture concepts that will be made into luxurious green furniture. With a little creativity, this material can be transformed into various types of beautiful furniture that have artistic elements with the main design guidelines to make furniture more different but still a part of green furniture.

You certainly want to live in a dream home with a beautiful interior with some green furniture. that has some appeal for the sake of family comfort and a good impression for your guests, even willing to spend more money to decorate in a living room that has several sets to complete. At this time, there is no need to worry about spending a lot to decorate your home, especially in the living room. By using recycled materials you can create good items and without spending much money. Come on, see some ways to give a touch of beauty to the decoration of the living room made from recycled materials to become part of green furniture.

1. Reclaimed Seats made from used tires

Reclaimed Drum Stool Furniture
Reclaimed Drum Stool Furniture

The decoration of the living room is identical to the presence of comfortable chairs as well as a sufficient number of people. You do not need to expensive-expensive seats that fit for it and provide comfort. You can make it yourself by utilizing items that are not used to reclaimed furniture with some specifications for green furniture. One of them is used tires. Utilizing used tires as decoration of the living room not only adds value to goods, this utilization is an effort to reduce waste so that the environment is preserved and is eco-friendly. By adding some additional materials and making modifications, you can have a unique and beautiful table from reclaimed green furniture.


 2. Reclaimed Decorative lights from threads

Reclaimed Tohjoyo Gucci
Reclaimed Tohjoyo Gucci

Without decorative lights, the decoration of the living room feels incomplete. This unique decorative lamp craft has also begun to be in demand by the general public. The materials used are also relatively easy to obtain. No wonder many people do not hesitate to experiment with making this decorative lamp from yarn that is no longer used as green furniture.
You certainly have threads that are not used at home. Not only as material for sewing clothes, threads can also be used to make living room decorations in the form of decorative lamps. Making decorative lighting above, requires equipment that is already available at home, such as scissors, cutters and glue. You only need to buy the lamps and supports as you wish.


3. Reclaimed Cardboard wall decoration

Reclaimed Hoola Wall Decor
Reclaimed Hoola Wall Decor

If previously beautifying the walls can be done by applying wallpaper, now to complete the decoration of the living room you can use materials from cardboard and paper to make it as green furniture. In recent years the existence of wall stickers is quite mushrooming in the community. The varied designs and affordable prices make many people tempted to use them as decoration. Making wall decoration is actually not a complicated thing. You can even produce more designs that you want. Wallstickers that usually have a flat surface, using flat surface cardboard can be modified to 3D according to taste. The use of cardboard and paper is equally affordable by buying a wall sticker.


 4. Reclaimed Vases from used bottles and cans

Reclaimed Standing Vase Furniture
Reclaimed Standing Vase Furniture

Beautifying the decoration of your banquet room can also be done by placing flower vases in the room. Flower vases have very diverse and unique variations. The price also varies, ranging from cheap to high prices. If you are a person who likes to collect unique vases, it never hurts to try to make your own. It has been proven that recycled flower vases are not inferior to expensive vases. You only need to use used bottles which will usually be stored directly to the disposal place. You can shape the bottles according to the desired design and model. By adding some materials such as yarn, cardboard, or ropes, you can decorate these old bottles into something that is interesting to display and complement the decoration into a green furniture concept. Not only placed on the table, Reclaimed vases from used bottles can also be used to hang on the wall.



5. Reclaimed unique cardboard frames

Reclaimed mirror ratta furniture
Reclaimed mirror rattan furniture

Photos with the family become objects that we find in almost every home. The photo is framed with nice frames for the sake of beautifying the decoration of the living room. Nice and elegant photo frames can now be obtained by using used cardboard to be reprocessed into green furniture.






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