Reclaimed Wood Office & Home Furniture

Reclaimed Wood Office & Home Furniture

Reclaimed Wood Office & Home Furniture


Reclaimed Wood Office & Home Furniture. Welcome to Reclaimed & Recycled Furniture Manufacturer. Our furniture production site is in the city of Jepara, Indonesia. We sell and produce various kinds of furniture that use used wood. From used warehouse wood, used boat wood, used pallet wood, and other used wood that is still suitable for use. Then we changed it into furniture that is still fit for use again.


Reclaimed Wood Office Furniture is one of the furniture productions that is currently in sales trend in our furniture company. Usually companies that contact us order at least one container for their offices. Furniture made of used wood adds its own uniqueness. Suitable for offices that have a design that combines with nature. An office with an unusual shape design will stimulate creative thinking for its users. In my opinion, the resulting creative ideas will be wilder.


In addition to Reclaimed Wood Office Furniture, reclaimed furniture is also suitable for use for home furniture. Reclaimed Wood Home Furniture is suitable for interior and exterior design. Both on the terrace, balcony and garden furniture. There are lots of reclaimed furniture for indoor and outdoor decoration for your beloved home. You can ask for more details about the reclaimed furniture product catalog in our marketing, which is willing to be online 24 hours for you. 


Our marketing reclaimed furniture is always online 24 for you. Please chat directly to have a free discussion about the furniture you need. We have a lot of products you need to look at. Starting from reclaimed furniture, recycled furniture, teak wood furniture, Jepara furniture, wooden furniture, classic furniture, etc. All are available and ready to be produced according to your needs.


We sell furniture to all countries around the world. We have been exporting furniture since 1993. So we are experienced in the world of furniture exporters. So you don’t worry anymore. The materials we use to make furniture also use materials that are safe for all of our customers. And the raw materials we use meet the legal wood standards that apply in our company. All of our licenses are complete, you can request them at any time if you need them.


We also produce unique furniture for your garden or room. You can design whatever you want, we will try hard to apply the furniture according to what you expect. We hope we can cooperate well. We are waiting for you in the live chat below. thank you 

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