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Teak wood furniture is already guaranteed as a material for making reclaimed furniture that has its own advantages. It is undeniable, all products made of teak wood are definitely referred to as high-quality furniture products. Teak wood is a type of wood that has fine fibers and is known to have very good strength compared to other types of wood so that it can be used for reclaimed furniture because it has the old teak resistance. In addition, this type of wood is not easy to experience weathering and durable suitable for wood that is not used as reclaimed furniture. In making various kinds of green furniture, it turns out that it does not always utilize new teak wood as its main material. This type of teak green furniture can also be used in making reclaimed furniture for several uses that have an element of resistance to the wood.

What is meant by this type of green furniture teak wood is the type of teak that is obtained from used equipment or items made from teak wood, usually from former houses such as poles, windows and doors so that they can then be reclaimed furniture. If you have a broken furniture made of teak wood, don’t rush to throw it away. You can reclaimed furniture that is no longer useful to be a useful teak furniture. You can make various kinds of reclaimed furniture, for example, teak mechanical tables and chairs according to the width and size of the teak green furniture that you provide.

There are several benefits in the use of green furniture teak wood to be used as reclaimed furniture products. In terms of aesthetics, this type of teak has finer and more beautiful fibers. Making it easier for you to make the shape and model of teak furniture using teak wood green furniture, will reduce the intensity of teak logging in meeting the needs of raw materials for furniture making
This type of teak green furniture can be easily found wherever you will be able to use it for reclaimed furniture. So that you do not need to spend money and energy in finding raw materials in making teak wood furniture and the function of green wood furniture in this case can be utilized to make reclaimed furniture wood green furniture that can be a separate economic value for those who want to take advantage.

Types of Reclaimed Furniture You Can Make Yourself to Produce Green Furniture Products

Mogo Round Stool With Wooden Top
Mogo Round Stool With Wooden Top

Want to look more attractive and natural sofa? You can design your own sofa using used wood pallets to recycle furniture. Used wood pallets are usually in the form of container boxes that have not been removed. Therefore, of course it will be easier to make a sofa from used wood. Add a sofa cushion with a motif that matches the theme of your living room with the concept of green furniture.

Shoe rack
A neat room with a neat shoe structure you can make by making a shoe rack from a used pallet wood to be reclaimed furniture. All you need are used pallet wood, saws, gauges, elbows, wood glue and nails. Design according to what you want with the right size. Place your shoe collection on this used pallet wooden shoe rack neatly.

Toy basket
For those of you who have a baby, then of course there will definitely be lots of toys that are increasingly piling up, sometimes even scattered everywhere. This of course will make your home look less neat. Make a simple basket from used wood to make a green furniture. Put your baby toy collection in it. Make sure this toy basket is designed safely and also with wood sandpaper beforehand so that the wooden part is smoother and does not cause scratches and becomes a useful reclaimed furniture.

Park bench
The park is a suitable place to relax by enjoying the air supported by green furniture. Add a simple, elongated bench to your garden using secondhand wood. You can also use this bench to relax and enjoy the view with your family.

coffee table without glass reclaimed teak root

Coffee table
Inspired Green Furniture Recycled Wood For those of you who have a narrow living room, then you can design a coffee table with materials from used wood to be reclaimed furniture. This coffee table can also be used as a guest table.

For those of you who want the impression of a natural bedroom, it never hurts you can try to make your own bed design from used wood to make green furniture. Give a color or paint that matches the theme of the room so that your bed becomes more beautiful and lively from reclaimed furniture.

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