Reclaimed Wood Furniture

reclaimed wood furniture

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Wood is one of the most preferred materials when manufacturers are making furniture. The wood makes an excellent material as it is easy to work with and ensures a longer life of the resulting furniture. The second reason that it is so highly preferred is due to the demand of the material. Many consumers like to use wooden furniture in their homes as it adds a great style and looks good with almost any type of interior decor. Then you also have reclaimed wood, which is used for reclaimed wood furniture.

The downside of using wood is that many trees need to be cut down in the process. This is diminishing the number and size of forests, which is causing an adverse impact on the planet. So what is a more environment-friendly way of getting wooden furniture?

The next best option is to use reclaimed wood. Yes, the pieces used are old, but with just the right adjustments, it will give any object a modern touch while looking a little rustic. For many years, wood has been used for the construction of various things, which have eventually been discarded due to old age or because they are not being used anymore. This wood is being wasted, so why not use it for something else and reduce the carbon footprint on earth by reclaiming it such as reclaimed wood furniture?

What is reclaimed wood?

Many wooden planks and other wooden materials have been retrieved from different places, which were previously used for another purpose. These pieces then undergo various other processes to give out a smooth outcome. The primary areas that wood is taken out for reclaiming are old warehouses, barns, and factories. The reason that wood is used from those locations is that it is straight and easier to work with to form other things. Mostly people prefer reclaimed wood for purposes such as flooring, furniture, and cabinets.

Even though it may sound like the outcome would not be durable, the opposite of that is true. Such wooden pieces can prove to be some of the best pieces to have due to their reliability and sturdiness.

Sources of reclaimed wood

Let’s get into a little detail about the various sources manufacturers use to get wood which can later be reclaimed. If you are looking for a DIY project using such wood, knowing where to get the material will prove to be very helpful.

Crafting and shipping equipment

Many people use wooden crates for shipping various materials from one place to another. These boxes are usually made from hardwoods used from a variety of Jepara woods, which are one of the best as they can survive severe conditions. The reason this is the wood of choice for many is because it is highly durable and reliable as it can withstand rough use. Many pallets are also made from wood which need to be strong as they have to hold a significant amount of weight. These are great materials to work with when reclaiming wood.


Many bleachers that are old or being torn down for some reason can make excellent materials to reclaim. They are usually made from Douglas fir, which is a hardwood and widely used for various construction purposes.

Deconstruction sites

Many old buildings such as warehouses, barns, and houses are torn down due to old age or for newer construction. In the process, a lot of wood is taken out. You can be sure of the reliability of this type of wood since it was used in buildings. It is then bought by various companies for reclaiming purposes.


Usually, lots of boats are made from durable wood. When a boat is not in use anymore, it is taken up by various producers, who then reclaim the straight wood and use it for other purposes. Usually called reclaimed boat furniture

Salvaging and restoring

The process of salvaging and restoration is quite easy. To make it easier to understand, we will go step by step through the proceedings.

A manufacturer will first look for a company that is selling salvaged wood. If they do not want to go to another party, they may go directly to the source (listed above) and pick the wood of their choice.
The wood is then brought to the workshop. Many manufacturers usually prefer to handpick the material and reclaim it manually to produce handmade items.

The salvaged timber is first dried in a kiln. This helps stabilize the wood, making it robust.
After that, the lumber then goes through a process in which the exterior of the wood is taken out from all sides. This is done so that the old wood is no longer present and the bumps and other issues in the wood are removed.

Once the exterior is removed, the fresh wood comes out. This wood has the beauty and texture of the original kind that has been buried under the rugged exterior.

It is when the new yet old wood comes out that manufacturers decide what to do with it. The results can be a gorgeous piece of furniture, flooring, paneling, etc.

Why buy reclaimed wood furniture?

There are many reasons why one should use or purchase products constructed from reclaimed timber. Seeing the authenticity of these reasons, many people might consider buying reclaimed wood rather than items made from new wood. Some of the reasons are:

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  1. It will reduce the carbon footprint. You need to play your part in saving the environment. The climate is changing, and nature and many animal species are under threat. This will negatively impact future generations too.
  2. So why not work on it today? By using reclaimed wood, you will be going green as it will result in less cutting down of trees. Yes, it will still be a part of a tree that has been cut down, but at least you will be saving others by reclaiming wood.
  3. The look and character represented by reclaimed wood cannot be replicated, no matter how hard anyone tries.
  4. The originality is something that is hard to find, and it gives the entire place a warm, rustic look. The wood also has an age which shows in its appearance, and it makes a great antique look. Age also makes the color of the wood even more charming. Also, such wooden pieces are known for their reliability and strength.
  5. Since trees are also becoming endangered, many places have prohibited the cutting of certain kinds of trees. The reason is that they were excessively cut down before due to their quality. Now, since you cannot cut down specific types of trees to form new pieces of furniture, the next best thing is to use reclaimed wood which is made from such tree types.
  6. Every such piece of timber was used for something or the other before it became your furniture. The history is what makes it unique and adds to the intriguing quality of the material.

Best uses of reclaimed wood

As you already know, reclaimed wood is used for a wide variety of reclaimed wood furniture pieces. Some of the popular functions are as follows:


Wooden flooring provides a much more modern look to your house. Using reclaimed wood will add a distressed look to the floor while giving it a warm and rustic look. Darker wood looks good when you want to add sophistication to your home and light wood looks beautiful for making a room bright.


You can add reclaimed wood dining table or reclaimed wood coffee table to your home to give it a rustic charm. Such pieces of furniture will only get better with age and look great with almost any type of interior décor. The tables are made from sturdy wood, so they are reliable and will last a long time.


Imagine a reclaimed wood door! It would add spice to your entire room and will leave your guests in awe. These doors are highly durable and are now back in fashion. They also give your home a unique vintage look.


Using reclaimed wood for the headboard is an excellent idea as it will give a great look to your room. It will also ensure a calming environment while making the room look entirely natural.

Best reclaimed wood furniture items

As discussed before, we have already listed a few pieces of reclaimed wood furniture. Out of all of these options, if reclaimed wood furniture has attracted your attention the most, then you will be glad to know the best items available in these categories.

Reclaimed wood dining table

If you are looking to spruce up your dining room while adding a piece of furniture that is durable and can withstand weight, then the Handmade Reclaimed Wood Dining Table by Barn XO is the perfect item for you.

This wooden dining table is one of the best in the market and is highly desired by people who are looking to provide a rustic, enchanting look to their house. It will make a great addition to your home and will look good not matter what your interior décor is like.

Main features

The tabletop is made from Douglas fir, which is one of the best types of wood that you will find. This kind of wood makes the tabletop very durable. It will also be very stable to use, so you will not need to worry about it wobbling at any time.

The legs of this table are made from steel, which ensures a long life. Also, the design of the legs is in a hairpin style, which gives it a unique look and makes it easier for you to clean under the table. Overall it is a very nice piece of reclaimed wood furniture.


  1. The table is handmade in the USA by expert artisans who have had years of experience. The craftsmanship is superb and is one of the finest you can find.
  2. The table gives a modern yet rustic look to the furniture and makes for an excellent piece in the center of your dining room.
  3. The wood is highly durable, and as the top is made from thick wooden panels, it makes the table strong and stable and extends its lifetime.
  4. The wood type is Douglas fir, which is one of the finest quality woods you will ever find.

Reclaimed wood coffee table

A modern yet charmingly antique look is exactly what is provided by the Emerald Home T100-0 Chandler Cocktail Table. It is also one of the best products in the market.

Main features

Reclaimed wood is the primary material used to develop this product. It makes the product highly durable and ensures that it lasts you for a long while. The wood is the type that cannot easily be scratched or chipped or experience other such problems, so you will not need to worry about any such thing on this type of reclaimed wood furniture. There is also a shelf located under the top part, which provides extra space where you can keep decoration items or books or store any other item. The top of this coffee table is made from pure and robust wood, which makes it highly durable and will extend the table’s life.


  1. The tabletop is made from solid reclaimed wood. It is very sturdy and reliable and is also one of the best materials to use, so you can be confident that it will last you a good long while.
  2. You will be required to assemble the table. The process is easy and will not take too much time as long as you follow the instructions provided.
  3. There is a bottom shelf added to the design. This allows you further storage on the table, where you can keep a variety of books and magazines that will liven up the space.
  4. The table gives a distressed look and comes with a metal frame, including the legs, which adds to its durability and life.
  5. The table is quite thick and will be difficult to move from one spot to another, so this is one thing you will need to keep in mind.

Reclaimed wood headboard

There was a time when iron headboards were totally in fashion. But even then, the charm of a wooden headboard still existed and is now considered to be one of the best materials to use. One such product is the thelakenest’s Weathered Reclaimed Wood Wall Mount Headboard, which adds flair to your room like no other product.

Main features

The reclaimed wood used for this type of headboard has been reclaimed and recycled, which allows you to help save the environment. The product has been sanded and finished to provide a great look, which will spruce up your entire room. It has also been finished with a customized wax that shows the glossiness of the product and brings together its whole look, so you will not find it lacking style.


  1. The wood used for this product has been reclaimed, sanded and finished to complete its entire look.
  2. The product has been handmade by experienced craftsmen.
  3. The wood is perfect for a headboard – soft enough to give a good support when you lie back and strong enough to withstand pressure.
  4. The headboard can be placed separately on the wall and will not need to be attached to the bed.
  5. You will require some assembly to put up the headboard, but it is easy and will not be too time-consuming.
  6. It has been finished with a customized wax which gives it an excellent look in the end.

We hope that this article has provided sufficient information on reclaimed wood and will better help you decide the type of reclaimed wood furniture you would like to buy.

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