Solid Wood Furniture Manufacturers

Solid Wood Furniture Manufacturers

Solid Wood Furniture

Solid Wood Furniture Manufacturers. In neat huts, country houses, even small apartments will always look solid organic wood furniture. Practical, high-quality, environmentally friendly, will give solidity to the simplest interior. On the Wisanka Jepara company website, wood furniture is represented by a variety of models: from respectable products to economic choices.
Here you can buy wooden furniture for summer residence, find individual elements: bed or cupboard, wardrobe or table for small rooms or separate rooms. You, too, will not be difficult to take a complete set to design an entire apartment in one style. One might doubt the need for expensive purchases, but wooden furniture from the Jepara Wisanka factory is not expensive.

Pine wood furniture

Solid Wood Furniture Manufacturers. As the main ingredient for making, we use pine, but it is possible to order goods from other wood species. In the description of each product a possible type of massif (pine, birch) is indicated. Wood furniture made from solid pine has high performance – no worse than oak or beech, but it cuts in price. Pine trees do not succumb to decay and fungus, do not emit harmful substances. The unique pattern applied by nature itself to the product looks luxurious. Pine wood furniture may not be lacquered at all, because the texture is very pleasant to the touch.

Production process

Wisanka Jepara Company supplies solid wood furniture to all over the world. Many models are available, and certain types are tailor made. It will not be difficult for you to order certain colors, styles that will be combined with existing furniture. Wood furniture with carving and carving elements to choose from on our website looks beautiful.
All stages of production in the company are carefully monitored, so that the risk of defective products is minimal. Natural wood furniture is equipped with reliable equipment, if painting is used, then only with safe coloring compounds. All products we sell are guaranteed. Wooden furniture from the manufacturer Wisanka Jepara is intended to please the owner with a pleasing appearance, comfort, durability and reliability used.
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