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Modern and minimalist home designs are often combined with furniture with similar designs to create a harmonious home interior and has a red thread of design Reclaimed Furniture. If you observe in the restaurants and hotels that have sprung up lately, the furniture that is used has the impression of being simple and understated – complicated ornamental furniture is rarely found. Did you know that such trendy furniture could be recycle furniture made from used goods that is polished to restore its aesthetics. You can bring the concept of contemporary and environmentally friendly to your home by using objects that you thought were no longer useful for making trendy furniture.

Wooden beams are the most easily engineered material to produce different effects recycle furniture. To produce an industrial furniture feel, old wooden blocks are sufficiently shielded if necessary and blunt corners are left as they are. Conversely, old wooden blocks can be sanded until the surface looks fresh again with exposed fibers and sharper angles to create a natural appearance. A classic furniture impression can be achieved by applying white putty to the surface of an old wooden block, then sanding it until it’s smooth. The result you can paint with contemporary colors – such as gray to black or dark blue – to get a sleek appearance Reclaimed Furniture.

Metals require special Reclaimed Furniture treatment to achieve different appearances. Rust on iron / steel or patina on copper can be highlighted because of its unique motif and suitable for industrial furniture or natural appearance. You can find information from various sources about the process of rusting and formation of patina so that it is not sustainable. If the metal material you have is already chromium or nickel plated, use it for sleek-style indonesia furniture.

Fabric can change the appearance of a furniture drastically because of its motives. Most contemporary furniture uses plain cloth, but patterned fabrics can also be used to provide accent to the furniture. Determine the designation of furniture according to the location of placement. The material processing process for making recycle furniture outside and inside the house is different. Make sure you apply a protective layer to the material – for example wood oil to prevent spoilage and a rusty coating on iron / steel – if the furniture will be placed outside the house exposed to the sun and rain.

Making chairs from contemporary style used goods

Reclaimed Cozy Chair
Reclaimed Cozy Chair

Various inspirations in the form of pictures and written form step by step are widely available in various sources to make unique chairs from used items of contemporary design. Among these, the simplest and requires the least amount of material, is an industrial furntiure -style wooden bench. As a holder, you can use a used jepara wooden furniture cutting board or other old wooden blocks. As for the legs, use the remaining concrete or iron legs from chairs / tables that have been damaged. Here’s how to make a chair from used goods:

Wash wooden beams to remove dirt. Rub the surface lightly with a soft brush, then let it dry completely.

Cover wood beams with oil and other protective layers if necessary, but don’t paint it – the wood fibers still have to look natural recycle furniture . Ask the welder to help make four chair legs from the rest of the iron concrete according to the height you want. Don’t forget to ask to make a cross section at the base of the foot so that it can be attached to the seat holder using screws.
If you use iron legs from a chair / table, the four do not need to be uniform as long as the height is the same and still sturdy.

Cover iron feet with a stainless steel coating if necessary.

Industrial Bragga Set
Industrial Bragga Set

Place feet in each corner of one side of a block of wood recycle furniture you create from used goods, try to pay attention to details and precision so that the results do not look careless and cheap. The present design is identical to the simple but classy impression. Determine the effect of the appearance of the recycle furniture you want. Adjust the treatment of the material according to whether the indonesia furniture will be placed inside or outside the house.

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