Furniture Reclaimed Care

Furniture Reclaimed Care

Furniture reclaimed care. Wood is a material that comes from nature that requires certain care for optimal maintenance, so one of the most common questions that professionals receive is how to restore wood. Given its specificity, the steps to restore wood furniture are different from those we will follow to rehabilitate other types of material.

Steps to restore wood
The main thing when returning wood surfaces is to have the right ingredients. For this we need the following elements:

Steel wool
Metal brush
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Protective glasses

With all this equipment under our belt, we can proceed with recovery.

To begin, it is important to prepare the surface to be rehabilitated, so that it must be thoroughly cleaned, removing dirt and dust.

Furniture reclaimed care. Then you have to study the state of the furniture. If it is an old piece with many layers of paint or varnish, this product must be removed using a stripper. The stripper must be left in action for a specified time and then remove the remnants with a spatula or a thorny brush. This process may have to be carried out several times to completely remove the paint, whereas if it is a more modern furniture, a layer of paint will be less and hence this process will be much faster and easier.

After this process is complete, furniture must be cleaned with universal solvent and allowed to dry completely. If there is a defect in wood, you can use this moment to cover it with wood putty and with the help of a spatula. Finally, wood must be sanded with steel wool in a curved area and with sandpaper in a smooth part. The surface must be really smooth and matte, it is also important to match the color of the wood, for that it is necessary to use dyes such as hydroalcohol coloring. Furniture reclaimed care.

The last part is applying the desired paint or varnish to give a new image to the furniture. The best way to apply a product with a roller and a pass is always to go in the same direction. Then the paint must be left to dry and, after drying, gently clean and rub the surface again.

This is an important step to restore wood furniture. In the tutorial above, you can see how to practice it.

Tips for returning wood
Although we have seen the usual procedure when returning wood furniture, there are a number of tips that will help you to get better results:

It’s easier to restore furniture in the room, because weather conditions can affect the process.

It is important to cover the floor and surface where we store furniture to be painted to prevent paint or other products from falling.

Before painting you have to prepare a brush. For this, it is recommended to let them soak in water for several hours so that all loose feathers fall.

For flat surfaces it is recommended to use a wide and flat brush, while for molds or corners use a round brush.

After the brush is used, they must be cleaned with solvent and allowed to dry. To save it, you have to roll it in the newspaper and leave it horizontal.

Make sure the wood is not infected with wood worms. If so, you must use an appropriate insecticide to overcome this type of problem.

Xilatem Aqua Mate: This new wood finishing product is formulated based on a special water-based polymer and also contains U.V protection. which protects wood from sunlight. This product can be breathable, not cracked or filmed on wood and has a high level of resistance outdoors.

Teak oil: varnish consisting of natural oils. This is characterized by its ability to maintain and enhance wood, making it ideal for restoring wood furniture. In addition, it offers good drying and has a shiny coating.

Barnilac Mate: this product is a polyurethane varnish that has a matte finish. Its uniqueness is that it is very resistant to abrasion and dries quickly. Barnilac is also available in satin and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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