How to Care for Reclaimed Teak Furniture

How to Care for Reclaimed Teak Furniture

How to Care for Reclaimed Teak Furniture. The chairs, tables, and accessories that we have outside of our homes, usually suffer greatly from bad weather and, caring for them with good care can mean we enjoy them for more or less time.

How to Care for Reclaimed Teak Furniture

Teak outdoor furniture
The material which suffers most from the exterior is made with teak wood. Teak is a dense and very durable wood with a high oil and wax content.

Teak furniture is ideal for terraces, porches and terraces, because the quality of the oil makes it resistant to water, mold and wood-eating insects.

While teak can be slightly more expensive than conventional tropical wood, the initial investment guarantees that attractive outdoor furniture, if cared for properly, can last up to 80 years.

Teak furniture is very easy to care for. If you have been exposed to these elements and left untreated, teak will encounter beautiful silver-gray patina after several months. Changes in the appearance of wood do not affect the structural integrity of furniture.

You can also see other changes in wood, such as lifting grains on the arms and legs and the appearance of small cracks – this is normal when wood expands and contracts in response to climate fluctuations.

How to care for teak outdoor furniture, tips on Indonesia Reclaimed Furniture

How to clean Teka furniture
Raw teak furniture requires little care, apart from annual cleaning to remove dirt and dust. To prepare a cleaning solution, add 1/4 cup dishwashing soap and one tablespoon of bleach to a gallon of water and rub the furniture with a soft bristle brush.

Finish by rinsing the furniture thoroughly in cold water. To remove difficult stains, such as wine or oil, sand with fine sandpaper and be sure to work in the direction of the grains.

Restore Teak natural color
Although the silver gray color that appears in teak from time to time adds rustic charm to furniture, some people might prefer to restore the furniture to restore its original color.

Restoring the original appearance of teak is possible but requires effort and perseverance, at least to do it once a year.

Wash the teak pieces with water and a soft bristle brush and soap and allow to dry.

  1. Use teak bleach to restore the original color and then rinse. The original color can also be restored by sanding the entire surface of each part, always working in the direction of the grains.
  2. Apply a teak UV block sealer and let it dry.
  3. The teak sealer must maintain the original color of the wood for about one year.
  4. The use of teak oil is not recommended because it increases fungal growth.
    Teak tables and chairs are arranged for outdoor, terrace, garden and balcony.

After wearing teak furniture according to your wishes, enjoy them spending hours outside the home. Remember that you can renovate your furniture and change the style of your garden or terrace by adding elements that you will find in Indonesia Reclaimed Furniture.

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