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Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Welcome to the industrial reclaimed wood dining table Jepara, the Indonesia Green Furniture website. Specifically sharing information and discussion about reclaimed wood furniture makers. There are some products that you must know before buying recycled furniture products. Starting from the selection of products used to make green furniture products, the process of making green furniture, the process of finishing green furniture products to the packaging process in shipping must be in accordance with standards to get the quality of goods up to the hands of the customer.

If you are currently looking for furniture products, especially solid reclaimed wood furniture. solid reclaimed wood furniture is usually made of teak wood. Reclaimed teak wood furniture is the manufacture of reclaimed teak wood base materials. Reuse or recycled teak wood that has previously been used. Until it can be reused, teak has proven its wood quality. solid reclaimed wood furniture, if the density of teak wood is very perfect, so water is difficult to get into this type of teak wood. Teak wood flourishes on the Indonesian mainland. The best known to people about teak wood is from the City of Jepara. Many teak forests in this city. Although in other regions there are also many teak trees such as Surakarta, Bojonegoro, Pati, DIY, etc. What is clear is we do not run out of raw materials to make products from reclaimed teak wood furniture.

reclaimed wood round dining table
RD001 Tawang Dining Set 1

One of the uses that we can see is the used reclaimed wood dining table. used a reclaimed wood dining table usually for our home dining table. There is also the use of reclaimed teak wood furniture for large reclaimed wood dining tables, reclaimed wood round dining tables, reclaimed wood dining table top, reclaimed wood dining table extendable above are examples of furniture-making projects for dining room tables. We used to produce it all in our factory in Jepara. We are incorporated in the Indonesian furniture industry since 1993. Of course, we are experienced in industrial reclaimed wood dining tables. We not only produce reclaimed teak wood furniture, but we also produce furniture from reclaimed pine dining table materials, reclaimed mahogany dining tables, vintage reclaimed furniture, etc.

If you wish, we can complete your furniture project. We have experienced completing furniture projects for hotels, furniture projects for restaurants, furniture projects for hospitals, furniture projects for cafes, etc. Or maybe you are interested in making a dining table can consult via chat below. We can complete the dining table project at the industrial reclaimed wood dining table. Or you can send an Inquiry on the Contact Us page to get detailed prices or product catalogs we have made and we send them to our customers.

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